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Other Treatment Suggested to Diabetic Nephropathy other than Dialysis

Traditional Chinese Medicine with two thousand years history contributes to Chinese health. In ancient China, natural herbs are prescribed to treat kidney disease. In recent scientific experiments, natural herbs values have been proved and they are effective on kidney disease. Natural herbs are typically prescribed in combination, the different components of a formulae balance each other, and they undergo a mutual synergy which increases efficacy and enhances safety. Thirdly, herbal medicine seeks primarily to correct internal imbalances rather than to treat symptoms alone.It is designed to encourage self-healing process.

Based on this principle, Micro-Chinese Medicine is created by experts team on kidney disease and diabetes from our hospital. Different from oral traditional Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine is a kind of external application the advantages of which is that effective medicine can directly reach to the damaged kidneys and work avoiding being absorbed by the intestines and stomach. Micro-Chinese Medicine is designed to achieve the goal of restoring your damaged kidneys, lowering high blood pressure and fighting with inflammation. The general effects include:

Sweating a lot which is the process of wastes removal out of the body

Protein leakage into the urine becoming less

High blood pressure dropping

Urine changing (More urination, more wastes filtered with the urine)

Feeling well

Micro-Chinese Medicine is used to treat thousands of kidney disease cases and have good effects. In some cases, it helps patients get rid of dialysis.

Are you interested in this new treatment? If so, you can consult our experts for more information. We are glad to help you!

Do you have any question? You can leave a message.A detailed analysis of your condition by our experts can greatly guide your treatment and daily care.

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