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Can We Have Other Treatment other than Insulin Injection – Stem Cells

The effects of stem cells on the diabetes have already been proved by plenty of experiments. The stem cells allow the regrowth of insulin-producing Beta cells in type 1 diabetes. Beta cells are in the pancreas that produces insulin to regulate blood sugar. A research team successfully treated type 1 diabetes patients with stem cells in 2007. In clinical practice, people who received stem cells no longer need insulin to control their blood sugar levels. In other cases, the dose of insulin decreases and they are at lower risk of developing diabetic complications than others who don’t receive stem cells therapy.

The theory of the stem cells transplant is simple. Stem cells are unspecialized cells which have the ability to divide and differentiate into various types of cells. In type 1 diabetes, stem cells differentiate into insulin-producing cells to promote production of insulin.

Stem cells by far are the most effective treatment for diabetes in the world. Its application brings new hope for type 1 diabetes.

If you are a type 1 diabetes, stem cells is an option for you.

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