Operational Characteristics of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

On average, there are two treatment models exsiting in different hospitals within china at present. State-owned hospitals adopt the model of “awaiting the patients, while private hospitals attract patients through ubiquitous advertisement and commercial. However, both the two models neglect the vital issue, which is the ultimate purpose of a hospital is to make patients satisfied. Having a steady flow of patients is the accumulative consequence of the brand and reputation of a hospital, and in terms of the brand of a hospital, it refers to its image in the eyes of the patients. As a hospital, the most important thing is how it makes patients feel and present it to other people, and the patients’ heartfelt remarks are its brand image. As a result, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has been putting great efforts to build our image in recent years, achieving phenomenal accomplishments in four regards.

1. Promoting medical ethnics education, earning patients' trust with our heart

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, medical ethnics education, which is treating patients with kindheartedness, moving the patients with Sincerity, and serving patients with enthusiasm, has been stopped. The education has transformed into action of the staff. Based on this principle, our hospital set up strict rules to protect the patients’ interests. At the same time, we enhance the education of kidney disease and treatment techniques to patients, making them aware of the aetiological agent, and master the treatment theories and techniques of their own kidney diseases , which we summarise as “ six clear understandings”, for we want the patients cooperate actively with doctors during the course of the treatment in hospital and continue the treatment once they are discharged. Our notion is turning this hospital into a school, employees into teachers and patients into experts. In so doing, we not only have improved the professionalism of the medical staff, but also let patients master the means to treat kidney diseases themselves. Our endeavor has benefited patients profoundly. As a result, patients bear a deep sense of gratitude for doctors and our hospital, which is why our hospital has such good image and reputation and why its development has stepped into a virtuous circle.

2. Strengthening professional training, enhancing the professional skills of the medical staff

In recent years, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has been making great efforts to improve the theoretical level and professional skill of all the medical staff, advancing our medical quality in a big way. Based on this, we set the goal of “no death in our hospital”, and abolished the morgue, which is unprecedented in this industry in Hebei province. Our hospital promises that no kidney disease patients would die in this hospital merely because of kidney disease. As a consequence of our improved professional skills, our hospital has been acclaimed by many peer experts and earned the patients’ trust. Since 2007,the year when we commenced to build our image, no kidney disease patient has died in our hospital, making our hospital’s credit and reputation spread widely.

3. Showcasing and promoting our virtual image through Internet

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has made great investments in the network construction, building more than 150 websites, including 47 kidney disease websites and many replica websites. There are more than 100 clerical staff and network technicians. We have also trained nearly 200 doctors to answer question on kidney diseases, explain the treatment methods and instruct daily health care online for free in the patients’ sake. At present, the total number of network personnel and consultant staff is 300. Every day, ten thousand people visit our websites, three thousand people communicate with our hospital through telephone, and 30 to 50 people come to our hospital for treatment after they consult with our doctors online in China. . This business model not only increases the number of patients derided from the Internet, but also helps builds and promotes the image of our hospital by letting the kidney disease patients and industry peers know us domestically.

4.Persisting follow-up for patients who have been discharged

In recent years, with the development of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, the leaders of this hospital realize the importance of doing follow-ups of the discharged patients, which infects not only the sustainable development of this hospital, but also the therapeutic effect on the patients and their lives. So, in 2006, a special division was founded that is charged with the systematic management of the discharged patients, based on the following guidelines.

One: specially-assigned personnel do follow-ups of the discharged patients.

Two: all the doctors must call the discharged patients they attended to on a regular basis, at least ten minutes once a week.

Three: all experts must hold a seminar on the theme of the discharged patients' conditions every month.

Four: elect who have continued their treatments after being discharged and recovered well. So far, 36 hundreds“ cured patients”have been elected.

Five: elect “star patients” who have recovered well in the long term, and give life and treatment subsidies to the patients having a tough life among them, so that they will not give up treatment, which may lead to the relapse of kidney diseases.

All these moves have increased the patients’ enthusiasm for treating kidney diseases, improved the long-term treatment effects of the patients after they are discharged and earned word of mouth reputation and massive loyal patients for this hospital. What's more, out of approve of the treatment results and gratitude for their doctors and our hospital, many patients introduce our hospital to people with kidney diseases they know, making a great contribution to the development of this hospital.

The objective of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital: After years of hard work, we strive to discover a new-type medical model for national medical treatment enterprise, build dozens of characteristic and high-tech large-scale specialized hospitals, find a conglomerated development path and make contributions to the health enterprise of all human beings.

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