What Causes Diabetes

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder that is characterized by high blood pressure. Diabetes occurs when your body produces a little or no insulin, or your body can not use the insulin which is a hormone to regulate the blood sugar in the body. The symptoms of diabetes include abnormal thirst, abnormal hunger, more urination and weight loss. Diabetes can cause a lot of complications due to high blood sugar like kidney disease, eye problems, foot ulcer, etc.

What causes diabetes?

Exact causes of diabetes are not clear up till now. But it is though to be related to the environment, genes and other factors. The followings are:

1. Diabetes are different: it tends to be more obvious in Type 2 Diabetes. For example, when one of the twins has Type 1 Diabetes, incidence rate of Type 1 Diabetes for the other one is about 40%; while if it is Type 2 Diabetes, that number will be 70%.

2. Genetic factor. This is the primary cause of Diabetes. If any one of your parents has Diabetes, you will be more likely to have Diabetes than those without such a family history. However, it does not mean that if your parents have Diabetes, you will surely get this disease, because it is also affected by many other factors. Moreover, influences of genetic factor on incidence rate of Type 1 and Type

3. Obesity. This is one of the inducing factors of Type 2 Diabetes. Like Diabetes, obesity can also be inherited, and it can be caused by many other factors such as irregular diet or not enough exercise. People with central obesity (excess fat accumulating in the abdominal part) are more likely to have Type 2 Diabetes than those whose fat is mainly on their buttocks and thighs.

4. Living habit. In modern society, it is easy for one to develop unhealthy living habits such as overnutrition, lack of exercise or too much alcohol. All these can result in a higher risk of

In a summary, diabetes is an outcoming of environment and genes. If you or your love is a diabetic, it is suggested to receive early and proper treatment in case of the onset of Diabetes Complications. More question about diabetes, you can consult our experts online.

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