Abnormal Immune Causes Type 1 Diabetes

In type 1 diabetes, a kind of auto-antibodies is produced which can destroy your beta cells in the pancreas. This prevents the pancreas produce from producing or releasing any insulin into your body stream. Therefore, when you eat, your body is not able to store any of the glucose that you absorb, leading to your blood sugar levels becoming dangerously high.

After knowing the cause of type 1 diabetes, the treatment for this disease aims for immune system regulation. If your immune system becomes normal again, the body no longer produces auto-antibodies and your pancreas can normally produce insulin which regulates blood sugar. In our hospital, we use stem cells to reach this goal of curing diabetes.

Stem cells can effectively replace the immune system. Stem cells are unspecialized cells which are able to divide and differentiate into any type cells of the body. Stem cells which are transplanted into the body can regulate the immune system by regenerating new desired cells. On the other hand, stem cells can differentiate into insulin-producing cells to increase the production of insulin.

Stem cells also can repair the pancreas through producing new cells in the body. Stem cells can be isolated, cultured, and purified artificially. Then these healthy stem cells can be infused into the body through veins. The process is very simple and quick. Not like a surgery, it is painless.

Stem cells transplant is the newest therapy for diabetes other than insulin. If you are seeking new treatment, you can try stem cells transplant which may help you get rid of insulin.

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