Long Time Watching TV Can Cause Diabetes

diabetesExperts said that, time of watching TV is proportional to probability of Diabetes. Citizen 'Is that? My grandson watches TV every day! He will sit still on the sofa and watch cartoon, is this harmful? 'Uncle Zhang said, ' thanks for this lecture, watching TV too much is not a good habit, but why ?'. Expert in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital explained, ' When you are watching TV, you must be attracted by TV programme, and you will sit still for a long time. This is harmful to your health. It will affect metabolism in our body seriously, people will not only have Diabetes easily, but also hypertension and other disease. So children as well as old man should not stay home and watch TV, and should go for a walk usually. '

But,even if you do much exercise, you still should limit the time of watch TV.

Most of people think that I have done a lot of exercise, I can watch TV for a longer time. This common sense is absolutely wrong. Risk of Diabetes will not low for more exercise. This conclusion is unrelated with gender,age. All the people should shorten the time of watching TV.

So, patients should limit their children the time of watching TV, in order to avoid type 1 Diabetes. And adults should also limit time of watching TV or surffing on the internet.

If unfortunately, you or your children have Diabetes, you should even pay more attention to this. At the same time, you should find an effective therapy to treat your disease. What is the effective treatment? At present, Immunotherapyation is the most effective way to treat Diabetes.

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