What are the Risk Factors of Diabetes

First, you must know some risk factors that you can control.

1. Being overweight, defined as a body mass index(BMI) over 25. Obesity is the leading inducement of type 2 Diabetes, so visually speaking, obesity and type 2 Diabetes are 'twins'.

2. Sedentary lifestyle. If one sit still for a long time, blood circulation will become more slow, not only Diabetes, but other blood disease will occur as well, such as hypertension.

3. Abnormal cholesterol and blood fats, such as HDL ' good ' cholesterol lower than 35mg/DL or a triglyceride level over 250mg/DL.

4. High blood pressure greater than 140/90 in adults.

5. Smoking.

All of the above risk factors can be controlled by people. And you should know the risk factors that can not be controlled, as follows:

1.Race or ethnicity: Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americains, and Asians have a higher morbidity of Diabetes than others.

2.Family history of Diabetes: having a parent or sibling with Diabetes will rise your risk of Diabetes.

3. Age: being older than 45 will increase your risk of type 2 Diabetes.

The more risk factors you have, the greater your odds of developing type 2 Diabetes. We can do nothing to the risk factors that we cannot control. But we can try our best to lower our risk factors that can be controlled by ourselves.

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