What Makes Diabetic Patients easily be infected?

1. Age

Generally speaking, older Diabetic patients are more likely to be infected. For the elderly, their physiological adaptation ability decreases gradually and all of their organs are progressing to be aged which makes their bodies easily be invaded and propagated. In addition, decreased physiological reaction makes the disease hard to be detected earlier which impede the on time treatment.

2. Psychological factor

Some old patients do not want to spend too much money on medications and seeking for medical treatment, they would like to stay at home and take rests instead. Therefore, their infection cannot be treated on time which may aggravate the infection. Since they are Diabetic and old patients, infection may be severer on them.

3. Course of Diabetes

With the course of Diabetes becomes longer, they are more probably get infection. Prolonged course of Diabetes contributes to the decline of physiological functions. At the same time, factors predispose Diabetic patients to infection always exist in their bodies. Decline in physiological functions and existing of the predisposing factors make the elder Diabetic patients to be infected. What's more, the long period of medication taking increases the body resistance to medicines which lower the efficiency of the medicines. Therefore, their defense mechanism decreases so the elder Diabetic patients are more likely to be infected.

4. Blood glucose

High blood glucose is an predisposing factor that makes elder Diabetic patients to be infected. High blood glucose may decrease the body's response to disease, and the decreased abilities of mobility, chemotaxis, adhesivity and phagocytic ability of the white blood cell, monocytes as well as megakaryocyte that disturb the immune system to function normally; besides, reduced production of complements, antibodies, immunoglobulins and reduced reaction of lymphocytes cause the metabolic disturbance. Therefore, the synthesis of protein decreases which reduce the ability of tissure repairing and regenerating, so the body can not against the invasion of bacteria.

Additionally, the synthesis of fat also decreases and decomposition increases, so the blood fat will increase which cause angiopathy and decrease blood flow, the oxygen supply is not enough, thus the response of the body to infection is affected. So the infection will occur.

5. Complications

If the Diabetic patients are complicated by diseases and the diseases are severe, the patients are easily be infected. Especially acute or chronic complications of Diabetes, they always mean the controlling of Diabetes is not good and Diabetes already develops to a certain degree. By this time, most of the organs are having different degree of damage, any little wound may lead to infection. The infection usually progresses rapidly and hard to be controlled. Such infections may lead the Diabetic patients to death.

It is very important to treat Diabetes totally if you want to control your blood glucose in a normal range and avoid infection. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital uses Stem Cell Transplant to treat Diabetes so as to avoid complication completely! If you want to have a better understand of Stem Cell Transplant you can consult our experts on line or email me: [email protected]

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