Why do people with Diabetes suffer from Hypoglycemia?

Diabetic: I will endure Hypoglycemia after doing more exercise or a little bit hungry.

I read an article named “People who often bearing Hypoglycemia before dinners will develop diabetes easily”. I went to take the examine of fasting blood-glucose and sugar tolerance, and the indicators are all normal. I want to know what the case is.

Diabetic expert told us, generally speaking, palpitation, sweating, and dizzying all belong to symptoms of Hypoglycemia. When blood glucose is lower than 3mmol/L, it could be diagnosed as Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is most often seen among people with early stage Diabetes. On the one hand, it is due to poor blood glucose self-adjustment. On the other hand, it might result from misuse of glucose-lowing drugs.

The first reason of Diabetic Hypoglycemia: disease

Tumor of Islet-cell tumor could produce a lot of insulin, and this will lead to frequentative Hypoglycemia. Insulin will be found abnormal in draw blood test. Arenal gland, thyroid gland, hypophysis and other endocrine diseases could lead to Hypoglycemia. Serious liver disease is one of the reasons resulting in Hypoglycemia.

The second reason of Diabetic Hypoglycemia: drugs, alcohol

Beside insulin and other glucose-lowering drugs, taking Propranolol, Asprin and other drug could also result in Hypoglycemia. In addition, Alcoholic hypoglycemia should not be neglected. After drinking wine, especially on an empty stomach, he will be attacked by Hypoglycemia easily.

The third reason of Diabetic Hypoglycemia: functionality

A kind of functional Hypoglycemia with unclear reason often attacks those women who are a little overweight. The character of this Hypoglycemia is that it often occurs three or four hours after a meal, and the more food you eat, the more easily it will occur. Now we could only think in this way, its reason is that the food eaten by patient stimulate polypeptide hormone in intestinal tract, and this hormone could stimulate pancreas to produce a lot of insulin, so as to result in Hypoglycemia. If the patient does draw blood test before being replenished with glucose, we could see that high levels of insulin build up in patient’s blood.

In conclusion, when people with Diabetes increase glucose-lowing drugs or insulin dosage, and couldn’t have a meal timely, or do excessive exercise, in this situation, they will be attacked by Hypoglycemia. Serious Hypoglycemia could lead to coma, even death. 

 So people with Diabetes should better choose a safe therapy to control blood glucose fluctuation, and prevent Hypoglycemia. Appearing of stem cell transplantation prevents fluctuation of glucose for people with Diabetes. Stem cell transplantation input cells which have differentiation capacity,and the cells could differentiate into insulin cells. This can recover the islet function. Effect of the transplant could last for a long time. Patients don’t have to do this by themselves. With proper diet, Hypoglycemia would not occur any more. 

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