Why Do People Get Diabetes?

The first factor is genetic factor. In recent years, a lot of research has proved that the genetic factor is definite. In other words, Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are both related to genetic factors. Here we must point out that it is not Diabetes itself that is genetic, but susceptibility. In addition, external factor such as environmental factors will lead to Diabetes.

The second factor is autoimmunity. Type 1 Diabetes is related to autoimmunity. Generally, patients with Diabetes often have autoimmune disease such as pernicious anemia, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and myasthemia gravis, etc.

The third factor is that proinsulin is too much. Generally, insulin secreted by pancreatic B cell contain 5% of proinsulin. Due to genic mutation of insulin, a large amount of proinsulin can not transform into insulin and then enter blood. So when tested, it shows hyperinsulinemia.

The fourth factor is drawbacks of target cells receptors. The target cells which insulin plays roles in are liver cells, muscles, blood cells, lung cells, renal cells, and testicular cells,etc. Only after the insulin is combined with insulin receptor of target cells, the combination and metabolism of materials inside the cells can be influenced. This is the precondition in which insulin plays normal roles. But when the number of receptor decreases, the affinity from the combination of receptor and insulin decreases, and insulin can not play proper role. Consequently, the blood sugar will increase.

The fifth factor is neural factor. After ten years' research, the experts both in China and abroad believe that mental tension, emotional fluctuation and sudden wound all will increase the secretion of blood glucose hormone. Such hormone is also against with insulin, which consequently make the blood sugar increase.

The last factor is obesity. Obesity is a very important factor for NIDDM. For fat people, the insulin receptor in the adipose cell membrane decreases, and the affinity to insulin decreases. In addition, the degree of obesity and the lasting time of obesity both will influence the occurence of high blood pressure. What's more, the more serious the obesity is, the longer the time last, the more easily Diabetes will happen.

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