Halt Diabetes Aggravating into Renal Failure

Usually, kidneys can enlarge in early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy. This is mainly because diabetic patient have diuresis (urinate a lot every day). However, elevated glucose and high cholesterol can increase the thickness of blood vessels and shrink the vascular cavity. The shrunk blood vessels can not load so much blood flow at all. Therefore, these blood vessels will enlarge spontaneously to deal with this massive blood flow. In this condition, kidneys will enlarge. And we can this course as compensatory enlargement. However, there is a limit for kidneys, if the enlarged blood vessels endure this for long, its flexibility will be decreased so blood vessels can he hardened. And then the renal function will aggravate rapidly.

Kidneys have dramatic compensatory ability and it would usually take a long time for Diabetic patients to progress into End Stage Renal Failure as long as their glucose can be controlled well. But not all the patients can make this due to various reasons and individual lifestyle. Many patients can not help to smoke, drink as well as take diet with much sugar, so their renal condition decreases unexpectedly as well.

Then so should patients do when they have already suffered from renal problem? As mentioned above, the renal problems are mainly caused by high glucose, so patients must manage to control his glucose properly. Meanwhile, they should restore these inherent cells in kidneys. As we know, our body consists of large of functional cells and all the metabolic activities are finished by these cells, no exception for kidneys. Taking proper treatment to block the exacerbation of inherent cells is the top priority. Meanwhile, new inherent cells should be implemented in time. The reason of diabetes is due to inherent cells in pancreas get damaged, and kidney problems results in functional cells get damaged in kidneys. To remove the symptoms, the basic way is to retrieve these functional cells, so that their original functions can be improved.

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