Six commonest mistakes about diabetes mellitus

One: Diabetes is not a serious disorder. However, the risk of death due to diabetes is higher than that of breast cancer and AIDs.

Two: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes. Up till now, it is not scientifically proved that eating too much sugar leads to diabetes mellitus. The cause of diabetes is complex that involves genes, infection, environment, diet, etc so it is still unclear. That is, it is not concluded that diabetes is due to eating too much sugar.

Three: Obesity causes diabetes. Most people hold that obesity is the cause of diabetes. Actually, BMI over 25 is one of factors causing diabetes. Too many people who are overweight still keep fit while people with normal body weight develop diabetes.

Four: It is a must for diabetes to have a different diet from healthy people. In fact, both diabetes and healthy people should have a healthy diet to prevent disease. The diet is low-fat, moderate heat.

Five: Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, insulin is necessary. Insulin is a must for type 1 diabetics while most type 2 diabetes sufferers can control blood sugar with proper diet, regular physical activity and oral medicines.

Six: Only adults develop diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is common in child and adolescents but now they have more chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Forming a good lifestyle is the best way to prevent diabetes for them.

The above is the commonest six mistakes about diabetes. If you have any query about diabetes. You can consult our experts online. We are glad to help you!

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