Nursing Intervention for Diabetic Foot Ulcer

1. Control your diabetes

Diet therapy is a basic treatment. Calculate the heat that you need to take according to the weight, age, and physical activity. The diets should contain diversified foods which can provide enough nutrition to patients. Monitor the blood sugar and adjust the dose of insulin injection to keep the blood sugar at the normal levels. This is beneficial to diabetic feet.

2. Improve the local Blood Circulation

Check your feet every day. You need to find whether there are some blister, wound, swelling and foot temperature.

3. Never walk barefoot

No matter whether you are inside or not, you should wear socks to protect your fee. This is necessary to prevent foot injuries. You had better to keep you feet warm and never expose them to extreme cold.

4. Keep your feet dry and clean

Never allow moisture or water to remain between your toes. Keep your feet and toes dry and clean which can prevent the feet ulcer and infection.

5. Protect from injuries

You should always wear comfortable shoes that fit exactly – there may be no bruises or blisters. You also need check the bottom of your feet. Before you slip in your shoes check whether any foreign objects have fallen into them.

The above is some suggests for diabetic feet. Hope it is helpful to you and your family.

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