Diabetes Itching Skin Treatment

Creams which are specifically meant for diabetics need to be with you in order to use then when necessary. You need to monitor your skin. If it becomes dry and itching, use a good moisturizer.

Avoid staying too long time in the sun. Before going outside, you had better to use a good sunscreen. In order to protect the skin from sun, wind and the cold, you can cover up. Wearing multiple layers is the best way to stay warm.

Drinking lots of water helps to keep your skin moist.

In order to moisturize, you need to apply a good moisturizer immediately after showering or bathing, while your skin is still damp. Avoid moisturizing between your toes, this area tend to be naturally moist and warm, and in combination with high blood sugar. It can leads to a yeast infection.

The warm water is beneficial to your skin.

If you are experiencing dry and itching skin, you need to tell your doctor. It should be treated as soon as possible to avoid it developing into something more serious. Most people will scratch the itching skin but this can cause more serious skin problems such as bleeding, break or crack. In fact, itching skin can lead to serious complications such as delayed healing, infection and ulcer.

The underlying cause of dry skin is the high blood sugar. The body pulls moisture from the tissues to try to counteract the increase in glucose levels and can leave the skin dry and irritated. Therefore, controlling blood sugar is the key to deal with your itching skin. Click here to learn about Latest Treatment for Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplant

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