Why Are Patients with Diabetes Easily Infected

Diabetes and infection affect each other.

Infection can aggravate diabetes and diabetics are easily infected. In some cases, infection induces the onset of diabetes which is silent before or gives rise to aggravation of diabetes even ketoacidosis or hyperosmolar coma.

Common secondary infections

Ulcer of lower limb

Foot ulcer

Urinary tract infection such as cystitis

Respiratory tract infection such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis etc

Tooth problems especially in type 1 diabetes

It is reported that among the secondary infection, respiratory tract infection such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis is the most common in diabetics and the second is urinary tract infection.

How to prevent infections in diabetics?

1. Prevent respiratory tract infection

Regularly do some exercise and choose proper physical activity outdoor.

Follow a balanced diet and eat more fruits and vegetables

In winter or autumn, avoid staying in the public places in case of being infected by flue

Prevent foot infection

Keep foot clean and dry your feet with soft towel especially between the toes. Prevent any slight wound.

Choose a suitable shoes and socks

When foot problems occur, immediately go to see a doctor.

Give up smoking because it can lead to small vessel spasm and aggravate the ischemia of foot and limbs.

The best way to prevent infections is to control blood sugar. As long as diabetes is under control, any infection is far away from you.

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