Side Effects of Prolonged Insulin in Diabetics

1. Blood sugar fluctuation without reasons.

Diabetes patients who suffer from blood sugar fluctuation without blood sugar should consider the insulin side effects.

2. Hypoglycaemia

Doctors and patients need to well learn condition to handle the dose and time of insulin injection. Therefore, patients need to adjust the dose of insulin on time in case of low blood sugar. When low blood sugar occurs, eat some sweets or drinks containing sweet.

3. Insulin Resistance

Another side effect of using insulin is that prolonged usage can lead to insulin resistance. This means that over time you may begin to require greater doses of insulin to get the same effects. This can be somewhat overcome by altering insulin regimens

4. Weight gain

Weight gain is one common thing caused by insulin injection. Proper activities are necessary for diabetic to loss weight. Weight loss helps to increase the insulin effects which are favorable to control diabetes.

5. Insulin allergy

Allergy insulin may occur in some patients like itching skin, swelling etc. Insulin also can induce the systemic allergic reaction like difficult breathing, palpitation, extremely low blood pressure. When the symptoms mentioned above occur, you have to go to see a doctor immediately.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you may seek alternative treatment besides the conventional treatments.

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