Man with Diabetes: how to prevent Erectile Dysfunction

The cause of erectile dysfunction

Ed is a major complication of diabetes that is caused by longstanding high blood sugar. It can damage the blood vessels in penis that provide blood.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

1. Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle contributes to prevention of diabetes and diabetes erectile dysfunction onset. By following a proper diet, moderately doing physical activity, controlling weight, giving up smoking, keeping good emotion, it can prevent ED.

2. In addition, learn more about diabetes knowledge including ED.

3. Early and tightly controlling blood sugar helps to prevent ED. Relevant research shows that level of blood sugar is closely related to severity and time of erectile dysfunction attack. The poorer blood sugar control is, the more chances diabetics have for erectile dysfunction.

4. Properly doing exercise:

For diabetics, proper exercise is the best doctor because persistent on exercise shows that diabetic keeps a good emotion and exercise can increase the metabolism which helps diabetics a lot.

5. Care your wife and live a happy life.

Live and enjoy a happy life with wife. Caring your love is the best way to prevent diabetes erectile dysfunction.

6. Often communicate with friends so that it can relieve the pressure. Care from your friends helps diabetics keep healthy.

7. Be confident in fighting against erectile dysfunction. Everyone should believe that erectile dysfunction is curable by methods.

Man with diabetes facing with erectile dysfunction should believe that diabetes erectile dysfunction can be treated and they will have a happy life.

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