Why Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy Will Have Edema

1. Diabetic Nephropathy: diabetic nephropathy is the common reason why the Diabetic Nephropathy have edema. Because of the decrease of the glomerulus filtration rate, the low plasma protein, and renal function damage can cause edema in lower limbs. Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy also have eyelid and facial edema. We can see protein and urinary cylinder through urineanalysis.

Glucose-lowering drugs: glucose-lowering drugs can cause edema because these drugs such as insulin, D860, chlorpropamide, etc. or releasing of stimulating antidiuretic hormone, or causing sodium and water retention, or thyroid function slowing down. It can cause edema or mucinous edema. Generally, they display in two lower limbs, some serious patients involve in face or the whole body

3. Diabetic Neuropathy: Angioedema are often in two lower limbs, they are related to body position and activities. This because limbs lost sympathetic innervation and cause peripheral blood vessels, increased blood flow, and arteriovenous shunt formation. Then it displays that lower limbs venous get edema bedause of passive congestion. In addition, nerve dystrophia can cause capillary permeability. Patients have mild-to-moderate dropsy. The edema caused by diabetic neuropathy most of them have local numb body, ma tao kind feeling drops. From that we can identify them.

4. diabetic heart disease: it mainly include erupt simultaneously coronary heart disease, myocardosis, which cause rhythm of the heart and heart function abnormal. This kind of edema are most related to heart failure. Right heart failure is the most common one. That include venous engorgement, hepatosplenomegaly, lower limb edema.

Since we have known the reason why patients with Diabetic Nephropathy have edema, what we need to do now is look for an effective treatment for patients. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation is their best choice.

If you want to know more about the effective treatment, you can consult our experts online, or email us. It is our pleasure to answer your questions.

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