Patients with Diabetes Are More Likely To Have Hypoglycemia in Summer

Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital explain that the changes of the blood sugar are closely related to the seasons. In summer, patients with Diabetes are more likely to have Hypoglycemia. It is hot in summer, so the metabolism of body enhances, which can consume more blood sugar. If the patients still take medicine just in the previous dosage, they will be likely to have Hypoglycemia thus causing the following symptoms such as feeling overtired, perspiring, increased hunger and so on. What’s worse, it may cause coma and even death.

As the high incidence of Hypoglycemia in summer, it is very necessary for patients with Diabetes to regulate their medicines. However, the regulation of the antidiabetic drugs should depend on the blood glucose measurement. Therefore, it is very necessary for the patients to prepare a blood glucose monitor for themselves so as to monitor their blood sugar at any time and know their condition very well and can regulate the doses of the medicines.

In addition, a proper and regular diet plays an important role in controlling blood sugar. Therefore, the patients with Diabetes should keep a healthy dietary habit. They should not eat less or even do not eat when they have no appetite. Especially for the patients with insulin injection, they should not reduce their stable food randomly.

Moreover, excessive exercise in summer can cause Hypoglycemia and even sunstroke to the patients with Diabetes. Therefore, the patients should take proper exercise and avoid exercising in the morning without eating anything. If the patients work or take exercise too long after supper, they should eat an extra meal before sleeping.

If Hypoglycemia happens to the patients with Diabetes accidentally, they should drink some syrup and juice that are easily absorbed or eat some biscuit that contains sugar to alleviate the disease. Meanwhile, they should avoid drinking milk at that moment.

In the above, I have introduced the health care of the patients with Diabetes in summer. I hope it will be helpful to them. If the patients with Diabetes can pay more attention to their health care in summer, they will spend the dangerous period safely.

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