Care of Diabetic Foot

1. Patients with Diabetic Feet should check their feet carefully every day.

Patients with Diabetic Feet should check their feet before sleeping and getting up every day to make sure that whether their feet have injury. This had better be done with the help of their family members. Once they find abnormal symptoms such as infection, edema, injury even minor, they should go to see a doctor at once so as to receive treatment of Diabetic Feet at the best time.

2. Patients with Diabetic Feet should wash their feet with warm water.

Usually, people like washing their feet with hot water especially in winter. However, patients with Diabetic Feet should totally avoid this. As the patients’ feet skin becomes more sensitive, hot water is much likely to burn their feet thus aggravating their disease. They should wash their feet with 30℃~38℃ warm water. Moreover, they should gauge the temperature of water with thermometer so as to avoid its temperature beyond its required range. After washing their feet, they should dry their feet slightly with towel.

3. Patients with Diabetic Foot should do proper crural exercises every day.

In order to avoid the injury of feet, many patients with Diabetic Feet do not do an exercise at all every day. In fact, it does not benefit the protecting of their feet. The patients should do some crural exercises such as swing their leg, lifting heals and tiptoes for 30 to 40 minutes every day. Proper crural exercises can improve the blood circulation of feet thus benefiting the recovery of the disease.

4. Patients with Diabetic Feet should trim their toenails carefully.

The patients’ peripheral nerves of feet are not as sensitive as the normal to the external stimuli so they may do not feel painful when they hurt themselves. Therefore, the patients with Diabetic Feet had better have their toenails trimmed by their families instead of themselves.

Diabetic Foot can do harm to patients’ body and mind. In order to protect the patients’ feet, besides effective treatment, the patients should also pay more attention to their daily care.

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