Diabetes Causes Organs to Shut Down

Diabetes can cause various complications involving many organs of the body. High levels of sugar in the blood will damage the tinny blood vessels throughout the body, causing complications including eyes problems, foot complications, skin problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, mental disease, hearing loss, oral health problems, ketoacidosis, nerve damage, kidney disease, stroke, stress, etc. Diabetes is very dangerous for people. In a survey, kidney disease is the leading cause of renal failure in some countries.

Diabetes kidney disease is a kidney problem caused by diabetes. Excessive sugar can damage the tinny blood vessels in the kidneys, causing chronic kidney disease. Healthy kidneys are very important organs to remove the organs or fluid from the blood. When your kidneys are impaired, it stops to work well, as a result of which plenty of wastes and excessive fluid build up in the body, causing a lot of symptoms such as edema, loss of appetite, itching skin, sleep problems, etc.

For people with diabetes kidney disease, they can experience some symptoms including:

Protein in the urine (the early sign of kidney problems)

Edema or swelling on the face or around eyelid

Loss of appetite


Nausea and vomiting especially in the morning

Itching skin

A metal taste in the mouth


High blood pressure

Over time, diabetes kidney disease is likely to develop into renal failure. Renal failure is a condition in which kidneys fail to remove the wastes and fluid out of body. Hence, in order to survive dialysis or renal transplant is necessary. And dialysis may come earlier than people with other type of kidney disease.

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