Cell Therapy for Diabetic Feet, a New Approach Treatment

Presently, in clinic practice people control diabetes by following a healthy diet, doing physical exercise, and various medicines to reducing the incidence of diabetic complications. If people can find a cell-based therapy to regenerate the insulin-producing cells, it is possible to cure diabetes and prevent onset of diabetic complications.

Stem cells are the unspecialized cells which are capable of self-renewal and differentiation. They are the ideal cells which differentiate into insulin-producing cells. Stem cells transplant are the newest treatment for diabetes. It is thought that stem cells are like a seed which can grow into a big tree.

Stem cells used to treat diabetic feet can differentiate into cells which promote the form of new blood vessels. The stem cells from tissues are infused into the body can improve the blood flow through feet. After about 4 months, new blood vessels start to function so that the goal of treating diabetic feet is achieved. This way is the best approach to treat diabetic feet. The followings are the advantages:

1. Stem cells help to prevent diabetic complications.

2. There is no rejection after stem cells transplant

3. The sources of stem cells are wide so that it is simple to get healthy cells.

4. A stem cells transplant will work for the whole life. Patients don’t need to take medicines.

5. There are no side effects after the treatment.

6. Improve the life quality of patients.

7. The success rate is high.

8. Compared with pancreas transplantation, stem cells transplant has lower risk.

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