High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

1. Both high blood pressure and Diabetes are triggered by many risk factors, including genetic factors and environmental factors. Though many patients have family history, it is not accurate to refer Diabetes and high blood pressure as genetic diseases. The mere fact that parent has Diabetes or high blood pressure does not necessarily mean the children of theirs are doomed with these two diseases. The environmental factors, which refers the lifestyle, such as lack of exercise, overnutrition, high-sodium diet, and unfavorable environment factor, like work stress, play a bigger role than the genetic factors in terms of causing this disease.

2. Both Diabetes and high blood pressure are likely to happen on obese people. More than 50 percent of high blood patients are obese, and 44 percent of obese people develop Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Both diseases are “silent killer”.

More than half of the patient with either of the two disease can have no symptoms at all in the initially. For diabetics, many do not have the classic symptoms of Diabetes; they are detected because of the outward symptoms, like eye disease and itchy skin caused by Diabetes. Such is also the case with patient with high blood pressure.

4. Both diseases can cause exert damage to the heart, brain, and big and small blood vessels, especially kidneys.

For diabetics, if their blood sugar is poorly controlled, high blood sugar would lead to high filtration rate and higher internal pressure in glomeruli, which then would stimulate the glomerular basement membrane. As a result, pathological changes can happen in glomerular basement membrane, resulting in microalbuminuria.

Usually, high blood pressure can also cause pathological changes in glomeruli. With blood pressure rising, the internal pressure in glomeruli also increases, which leads to mircoalbuminuria eventually.

Microalbuminuria is a indicator of the early-stage kidney damage for both patients with high blood pressure or Diabetes.

5. Both the two diseases’ morbility increases with the increasing age.

Senior citizens more than 65 years old have a 50 percent of developing high blood pressure. And 87 percent of Type 2 Diabetes happens to people more than 40 years old.

Both Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two major risk factors causing senile dementia.

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