An Overweight 10-year-old Girl and Diabetes

“ It is imppossible” When they were told that their daughter developed diabetes, they denied. They though it was impossible that her daughter should develop diabetes. Her mother continuously asked the doctor why her daughter would have diabetes. She though that only elderly people would develop diabetes. And the symptom of diabetes was loss weight.

The doctor told her that overweight and familial history put her daughter in the group with high risk of diabetes. Even though her daughter was still very young without the typical symptoms such as weight loss, abnormal thirst, extreme huger, abnormal urination, it was possible that her daughter to develop diabetes.

The girl was diagnosed with diabetes through blood sugar test and HbA1c. The doctor said she was the youngest diabetic he had met. But what made people comfortable is that an early detection and prompt treatment can give her a good prognosis.

In her family, both her mother and her grandmother had diabetes. Her mother was complicated by stroke due to diabetes at the age of 37 and had an amputation due to cellulitis.

95% of diabetes has the genetic tendency. So a member of a family with a diabetes history should alter onset of diabetes. If child gradually become fat and had a delay growth, it is needed to go to see a doctor.

In recent 10 years, diabetes tends to occur in young people, which is like to be related to refined food.

After diagnosed with diabetes, people need to change your diet and lifestyle. Don’t eat the food that you can not eat in case of worsening condition. Follow your doctor advice and regularly monitor blood sugar to keep it under control. A moderate physical activity can help to control diabetes. It is suggested that people have a 30-minute walk every day.

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