A Guideline for Diabetes Patients: What Should You Eat


  1. Protein provides 15%~20% of the total calorie. (If you already have Diabetic Nephropathy and have microalbuminuria, your daily protein intake should be controlled within 0.8~1g per kg body weight; if there is obvious proteinuria, your daily protein intake should be strictly limited within 0.8g per kg body weight.)

  2. You should choose the foods that contain high quality protein like fish, seafood, lean meat, chicken, nuts and so on. If you have massive proteinuria, you had better not have seafood because they are high in phosphorus.


  1. Daily salt intake should be limited within 6g and patient with high blood pressure should especially pay attention to their salt intake.

  High salt foods include processed food, soy sauce, aginomoto, etc. you had better choose low salt food.


  1. You have certain amount of calorie each day, but the calorie provided by fat shouldn’t be more than 30% of the total calorie.

  2. Saturated fatty acid (animal fat) intake should be within 10% of your total food intake.

  3. Avoid eating or control the amount of the following foods: fat meat, animal pluck, whole milk foods, palmolive oil as well as fried foods. Cholesterol intake should be controlled within 300mg/d.

  Carbohydrates (starch)

  1. Carbohydrates should provide 55%~60% of the calorie you need.

  2. The foods should be mainly compound carbohydrates, especially high fiber foods like roughage, wholewheat grains, oats, beans, vegetables and fruits.

  3. Calorie provided by sugar shouldn’t be more than 10% of the total amount.

  4. Carbohydrates intake should be distributed to your three meals.


  1. Control your alcohol intake. You shouldn’t drink more than 2 alcohol units in one day. (One alcohol unit means: beer 285ml, draft beer 375ml, red wine 100ml, or white spirit 30ml. They contain about 10g alcohol.)

  2. Alcohol can cause low blood sugar in patients receiving insulin treatment, so it is better that they don’t drink.

  That is the all about diabetes diet. If you have other questions about diabetes, you can consult our experts online who will give you more information about diabetes.

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