How to take care of type 1 diabetes

You can learn how to take care of your type 1 diabetes and how to prevent some of the serious problems that diabetes can cause. Management of type 1 diabetes includes a handful of elements: blood glucose control, exercise, diet and emotion regulation. You can share your approaches to type 1 diabetes management so your friends too will understand more about diabetes and how they can help you live a healthy life.

Monitor your blood glucose

The diagnosis of type 1 diabetes means that your body produces a little or no hormone which can regulate your blood glucose. Diabetes is a disease which is characterized by high blood glucose. Monitoring your blood glucose is a part of type 1 diabetes management. If your blood glucose is too high, you may need a change in your meal plan, physical activity plan, or medicines. Checking your blood glucose will help you see if your diabetes treatment plan is working. Ask your doctor the frequency of checking your blood glucose and how you should check it if you don’t know how to do.


People after being diagnosed with diabetes can consult your doctor or a dietician to work with you to make a meal plan including foods that you and your family like to eat and that are good for you too. Here, we can give you some suggestions. Diabetes people can eat more bread, cereal, and other starchy vegetables. Eat five kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, which contains low sugar.


Exercise plays important role on controlling blood glucose which can help keep blood glucose at a normal level. Some activities is strongly recommended such as walking for 30 minutes, swimming, dancing, riding a bicycle, playing baseball, or bowling. Before exercising, you need to talk with your doctor. You doctor may check your blood glucose, heart, or foot to be sure that you have no other special problems. If you have high blood pressure problem, some activity is dangerous. Find proper and safe excise with your healthy team. Proper excise can help:

Keep healthy weight

Control your blood glucose

Give you more energy

Emotion regulation

Some people feel gloomy and disappointed after having diabetes. In fact, people can live a normal life through proper treatment, healthy diet, and physical activity. People need to keep positive and confident in fighting with the disease. You can talk with others with diabetes about your life and ways to control blood glucose. You also can get the support from your family. Positive emotion and confidence on treating diabetes is also very crucial for type 1 diabetes management.

It is not tough with type 1 diabetes because you can live a normal life with proper treatment, healthy diet, physical activity and good emotion. Now new treatment-stem cells has been used to treat diabetes as regenerative medicine develops.

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