The Negative Effects of Drinking Alcohol for Diabetics

1. Excessive alcohol use can cause hyperlipemia. It has been proved that diabetes people who drink alcohol have more chances of suffering from hyperlipemia which especially persists for a long time and this condition is much severer in people who don’t follow a diet therapy.

2. Long-term alcohol consumption can give rise to nutrition deficiency, which is unfavorable to liver. People who use insulin easily develop low blood sugar after drinking on an empty stomach. For people who use sulphonylurea, drinking can cause hard breath, red face, palpitation, etc.

3. In general, diabetes patients would eat some food containing sugar when drinking alcohol, which can lead to a high blood sugar rise. Drinking on an empty stomach can prevent the disintegration of hepatic glycogen which causes a decreased glucose in the blood, leading to a low blood sugar. People with longstanding alcohol use usually have excessive heat intake. Besides the alcohol, the reasons of condition aggravation include the disorder of diet therapy due to the alcohol.

4. Diabetic ketoacidosis caused by excessive alcohol use is very common. Alcohol often together with hunger, infection, eating more food form the inducements to aggravate the condition.

Hence, it is suggested that diabetes have better no drink alcohol. If you really want to drink, beer with low alcohol and fruit wine are recommended. Avoid drink on an empty stomach. What should been reminded is that alcohol is forbidden for people who have a poor control of diabetes, also accompanied with liver disease, especially for people who are using insulin or medicines.

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