Can Diabetes People Drink Coffee

Researchers find that coffee can affect blood sugar by two ways. Coffeine can disturb the process of blood sugar transportation into the blood. On the other hand, caffeine can stimulate the release of epinephrine, leading to a elevated high blood sugar。 Some studies indicate that drinking coffee can prevent diabetes. But according to the surveys, diabetes patients should avoid drinking a good deal of drink containing caffeine. Caffeine can lead to a raised high blood sugar in type 2 diabetes especially after the meal. So, drinking less coffee is better for diabetes.

In summary, diabetes patients had better not drink coffee. Diabetes is a chronic disease which requires the persistent treatment, healthy diet and moderate physical activity to reduce the chance of complications onset.

In addition, coffee can affect your kidneys. Drinking too much coffee can lead to a rapid increase of epinephrine which leads to a renal failure. Coffee also can affect the sleep. If patients have no enough sleep, it is harmful to patients. In general, high blood glucose may affect the tinny blood vessels in kidneys, causing kidney disease. If you still drink a lot of coffee, your kidneys will overwork, which may lead to renal failure.

So, diabetes people have better avoid coffee and drinks containing caffeine.

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