A Diet for Diabetics with Osteoporosis

1. Keep normal body weight. Properly loss weight if you are over weight.

2. Increase the calcium intake. For elderly people, 1000 mg is needed one day. It is suggested that elderly people drink 2-3 bags of milk.

3. In order to help calcium absorbed by the body, people need to be supplied with enough high-quality protein and vitamin C. Milk, egg, and bone is recommended to eat.

4. Replenish Vitamin D and Vitamin A. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium. And vitamin A takes part in the synthetize of collagen and mucopolysaccahcride. Vitamin D can be obtained in the sun and vitamin A is got from egg, animal inner organs and yellow or red vegetables.

5. Avoid dinking excessive alcohol.

Food containing calcium (100g)

Food Calcium

Rice 3 Lean 5

Tomato 9 Potato 47

Egg 30 Cabbage 35

Sea-tent 241 Cauliflower 41

Milk 135 Rape 148

Hairtail 195 Onion 46

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