Vegetables Diabetic Patients Should Not Eat!

The following introduces the vegetables diabetic patients should not eat:

1. principle food

Scientific study indicates coarse grains like avena sativa, oatmeal and corn flour are better than rice and wheat flour as your principle food. Coarse grains contain more inorganic salts and vitamins, at the same time they rich in dietary fibers which are good for decreasing blood glucose. Therefore, diabetic patients should treat coarse grains as their main principle food and you may eat rice or wheat flour with a small amount or less frequent.

2. Protein

Soybean and soybean products are the best resources of protein for diabetic patients. On one hand, the quality of the protein in soybean and its products is good; on the other hand, there is no cholesterol contained in soybean and soybean products. So soybean and soybean products may substitute some animal foodstuffs like meat and they are effective in lowering blood fat.

3. Hunger

Diabetic patients have to limit their calories intake at all time but they are easy to feel hungry. You can boil some small amount of low sugar vegetables by this time, such as asparagus, bamboo sprouts, bean sprouts, beet greens, bell pepper, broccoli, cabbages, carrot, cucumbers, eggplants, garlic, mushrooms, onions and so on. Such vegetables provide low calories but high dietary fibers and water at the same time. Besides, the feeling of satiety is easier to reach.

4. Contraindicated food

White sugar, brown sugar, glucose and other sugaring products like candies, cakes, jams, preserved fruits, ice creams and sweet beverages are forbade to eat for diabetic patients. But they can take small amount of high carbohydrate foods like potatoes, yams, taros, lotus roots, garlic sprouts and carrots. Or they can lessen the same amount from their principle food.

5. Oil

Diabetic patients need to limit their oil intake. It would be better if they use vegetable oil to replace animal oil. Diabetic patients can ear only a small amount of peanuts, walnuts, sesame and sunflower seed because they contain pretty much fat inside. Lard oil, beef tallow, mutton fat, cream and butter are strongly not recommended to diabetic patients.

6. Egg Yolk and animal plucks

Egg yolk and animal plucks like livers, brains and kidneys are high in cholesterol; diabetic patients do not eat such foods.

If you follow the instruction above for a certain time or you can maintain always, I bet your condition may become better and better. Maybe you can stop your medication or reduce the dosages of your medicine. But do not stop or change your dosage of medication without your physician’s permission.

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