Patients with Diabetes Can Eat Snacks

When selecting snacks, patients with Diabetes should follow three principles. First, they should select snacks that are natural or processed less. Second, they should avoid snacks that will increase blood glucose. Third, they can eat snacks that are low-sugar, low-salt, low-fat and do not contain additive. According to the above three principles, experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital divide snacks that are available in markets into three kinds.

First, snacks that you can eat every day are as follows:

(1) Fruits.

Fruits contain abundant vitamins and cellulose and also taste delicious so patients with Diabetes can choose them. However, sugar content in fruits varies greatly with different kinds so patients with Diabetes should pay more attention when selecting. Tomatoes are the most suitable fruits for patients with Diabetes. In addition, patients can choose fruits with low sugar such as pineapple, kiwi fruit and so on properly. However, patients with Diabetes should be particularlycareful when eating high-sugar fruits such as grapes, litchi ,longan and so on.


As nut is natural, with less processing and low-sugar so its characteristics are quite suitable for dietary habit of patients with Diabetes. However, usually, nuts contain high fat so patients should be careful when eating them. Nuts with above 45%—50% fat content are as follows almond, cashew nuts , peanuts and so on. For the above nuts,patients can eat a handful ever day. Filbert, walnut, Hawaii fruit and some others, their fat content is above 60% so patients should be cautious about eating them.

Occasionally, patients with Diabetes can eat the following snacks such as cookies, cakes, sweets, crisp point, chocolate and so on. Although some are labeled that they are sugar-free, patients still should not eat too much. “Sugar-free” means they do not contain sucrose , but these snaks contain much carbohydrate ,in fact , which also belongs to sugar. What’s more, lots of cakes, biscuits and so on have too much salt and fat, which do not benefit patients’health.

Patients with Diabetes are forbidden to eat the following snacks. One kind is fried food such as potato chips. Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital point out that this kind of food belongs to junk food. They are processed excessively and exceed normal standard of oil and salt. Another is snacks made of meat such as jerky. These snacks do not only contain too much oil and salt, but also are processed excessively.

Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital remind patients with Diabetes that they should be very careful when selecting snacks. If so, you not only can control your blood glucose very well, but also can enjoy joy brought by eating snacks.

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