What Should Juvenile Diabetes People Eat

1. Balance the diet. In fact, all food and vegetables are available for diabetes patient. What they eat and how much they eat are the key to keep healthy. Simple food can not meet the needs of children development and growth. The principle of balanced diet is that eat meat and vegetables regularly. Don’t pick at your food.

2. Use plant oil like corn oil, soybean oil. Avoid animal oil such as fat, lard oil. It is better to have light food for type 1 diabetes. Avoid cream as possible as you can.

3. Have less salt for type 1 diabetes patients and eat less food rich in cholesterol. For people with high cholesterol, they had better to eat less than 4 yolks.

4. More often eat these food rich in nemaline such as whole grain food, unprocessed soybean, vegetables and fruit which can reduce blood sugar to some degree and are necessary for type 1 diabetes patients. Don’t optionally eat the food rich in starch such as corn, potato and taro root, and some salty dessert like sushi, chicken roll and so on. You need to plan to have these food mentioned above.

5. People with poor glucose control had better not to eat fruits. Fruit is available when the blood glucose is under control. You can eat fruit between the two meals. At that time, blood sugar is at the lowest level. After meal, you can monitor your blood sugar to decide how many fruit you can eat.

Diet is also very crucial for type 1 diabetes patients especially for growing children. Enough nutrition is a must to keep them growing normally. If you still have any other question about juvenile diabetes, you can consult the experts online for more information. We are glad to help you!

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