What Should Diabetes Eat in Summer?

"We are what we eat." Food is as important as treatment based on Chinese medical theory. Summer is coming, and what food does good to people with Diabetes? In this passage, Doctor Wang in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital will give you some suggestions.

Firstly, patients with Diabetes should drink more water. On one hand, patients have more urine. On the other hand, it is hot in summer and water in people's body is easy to be lost, which will increase the risk of CCVD. Therefore, drinking enough water is very necessary and important.

Secondly, patients with Diabetes should pay attention to the fruit. As we know, in summer, most kinds of fruits are on the market. However, we should choose those in low sugar, such as apples, strawberries, tomatoes, etc. Those rich in sugar should be forbidden, such as bananas, dates, watermelons, etc. In addition, we should eat fruit during two meals and add the heat they contain into the total one a person needs. In other words, if we have eaten lots of fruit, we should reduce the amount of meals. What's more, patients whose blood sugar is over 10mmol/L should not eat fruit.

Thirdly, cucumber has medical function, which can prevent sugar transforming into fat. So eating cucumber can make us loose weight. If patients with Diabetes often eat cucumber, the blood sugar will not increase, and what's more, the blood sugar can drop to some extent. In addition, cucumber can eliminate edema. However, patients are suggested to peel the skin so as to remove the farm chemical.

Fourthly, patients with Diabetes should eat medlar, which tastes a little sweet, and belongs to kidney jing(Chinese medical term) and contains vitamin A, B1,B2,Ca, Fe, and P, etc. So medlar can decrease cholesterol and blood sugar.

Fifthly, pumpkin is good as well. According to traditional Chinese medical theory,pumpkin can help patients with Diabetes eliminate edema and abdominal distension. In addition, it can moisten skin, and diminish cancerogen.

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