Should Diabetics Eat Popcorn

Popcorn contains much margarine, which has high level trans fats. If Diabetics have too much intake, it can cause obesity thus aggravating the primary Diabetes. Moreover, trans fats can decline the level of high-density lipoprotein in body and increase the low-density lipoprotein level in body, which can increase the risk of vascular diseases and Diabetes greatly.

Next, the pot used for making popcorn contains lead. When the pot is too hot, some lead will fuse thus becoming into steam and lead fume. These will pollute the raw materials. After lead entering into body, it will damage nevus, hemopoietic system, digestive system and so on. What’s worse, if people have excessive intake of lead, it can cause chronic lead poisoning. As many Diabetics have nerve damage, blood circulation disorder and so on, too much intake of popcorn will certainly aggravate the primary diseases.

In addition, popcorn contains too much saccharin. Although it does not cause Diabetics’ blood sugar to increase, it has much harmful ingredient that can do much harm to body. Saccharine contains much saccharin sodium. If people take saccharin sodium over time, it can cause irritation to their gastrointestinal mucosa thus influencing the normal function of digestive ferment so their digestive function will decline. In order to attract customers and increase their appetite, the producers add colorant to popcorn. The excessive colorant intake also can bring much harm to people.

Therefore, all people, especially Diabetics should avoid eating too much popcorn. For Diabetics, a healthy dietary habit can do much good to their improvement of their diseases.

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