Tips Need to Know for the Diet of Diabetes

1. Break up with the concept that we can take in more food by taking more medicines.

2. More meals and less for each time, which can help to ensure calories and nutrient supply and avoid peak blood sugar after meals.

3. Carbohydrate foods such as vegetables, milk, fruits and bean products should be taken evenly, that is to say, not too much each time and the total amount should be kept at a normal level.

4. Both desserts and salty snacks can increase blood sugar level, therefore, when we are making a diet plan for sugar intake, salty snacks should also be counted in.

5. The so-called non-sugar foods often refer to that there is no sucrose inside, and some foods may contain sweeteners instead of sucrose, for which we should not take in such foods casually.

6. Vegetables with starch as the main composition should be included in the amount of astable food; such foods mainly include potatoes, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, water chestnut, taro, lily, water chestnut and arrowhead.

6. Beans with as the main composition should be included in the amount of staple foods

7. Take in more foods which are rich in dietary fiber;

8. Take less foods which are rich in cholesterols.

9. For patients with well controlled blood sugar, fruits rich in sugar such as apple, peach, oranges and strawberries can be taken, but the total amount should not be too much. In addition, proper time for taking in fruits is between the two meals.

10. Low-salt diet, and the specific amount can be set based on your own illness condition and your doctor's advice.

In addition, we should know that diabetic Foods refer to foods made of grains which are rich in dietary fiber. Although those foods need longer time to be absorbed, they will finally change into glucose.

In conclusion, to control Diabetes, we should take care in our daily life from controlling a proper diet. In addition, we should keep close observation of blood sugar, blood pressure and so on. For our own heath and for those who love us so much, we should take good care of ourselves.

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