Misunderstandings on Diet of People with Diabetes

Generally, people with Diabetes are forbidden to take alcohol, sugar. In addition, etc. Actually, proper amount can also do good to the recovery. In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction about the misunderstanding of diet.

Firstly, it is generally believed that patients with Diabetes must stop drinking alcohol. Actually, a small amount of red wine such as 100ml to 150 ml is OK. However, patients are not encouraged to have ardent spirits. What's more, drinking wine when hungry will lead to low blood sugar. So alcohol should be taken in together with food.

Secondly, many hold the idea that patients with Diabetes must stop all fruit, for it contains sugar. As a matter of fact, the index of transforming into sugar is not high. What's more, fruit contains a variety of vitamins, inorganic salt and dietary fibre. When the blood sugar level turns normal, patients with Diabetes can have some fruit. Yet they should be aware that the amount should keep at about 0.2kg per day. In addition, they had better choose those contain less sugar.

The third misunderstanding is eating more meal, and then taking more medicine. Some people believed that they can take drugs after having too much meal. In fact, it is not right for too much medicine will cause side effects. Eating more will also lead the blood sugar to higher, and make people heavier. People with Diabetes are suggested to have less once and they can increase the times. In addition, some take peanuts and seeds as snacks, which contain much oil. This behaviour is not right either.

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