What Staple Food Can Patients with Diabetes Eat

1. Oats.

Oat is nutritious and contains high dietary fibers. It can slow down the speed of digesting and promote the resolution of cholesterol. The sugar and cholesterol in the blood can be effectively controlled. Long time eating oats is beneficial to patients with Diabetes.

2. Buckwheat.

Buckwheat is rich in dietary fibers, rutin, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Dietary fibers can slow down the digesting and the rise of blood sugar. Rutin can increase the secretion of insulin and decrease cholesterol. Calcium can deliver the signals of insulin secretion; zinc is necessary for secreting insulin and magnesium can strengthen the function of insulin. Therefore, buckwheat, especially the bitter buckwheat should be the main staple food for patients with Diabetes.

3. Brown rice.

Brown rice refers to the rice with cortex, aleurone and embryo. Its nutrition is higher than rice. Brown rice contains rich protein and fiber and can help control blood sugar. In the meantime, eat more brown rice can help prevent various cardiovascular disease and decrease the complications of Diabetes.

4. Corns.

Corn contains much crude fiber and soluble sugar. It is one of the ideal foods for patients with Diabetes. However, sweet corns are more suitable for patients with Diabetes. On one hand, it contains low sugar; on the other hand, the content of fiber is higher. Eating corns can slow down the rise of blood sugar after meal.

5. Pumpkin.

Pumpkin is rich in cobalt (Co) which can promote metabolism and hematopoietic function. It will also take part in the composition of vitamin B12, so it is necessary microelement of islet cells. In addition, pumpkin contains high pectin fiber which can slow down the absorption of sugar, so it is good choice for patients with Diabetes.

6. Beans.

After being boiled, the glycemic index of beans is 20-40, so beans are ideal choice for patients with Diabetes. Black soya beans and red beans are both rich in nutrition. Eating beans can not only control the blood sugar, but also regulate qi and blood.

Though the above staple foods are all beneficial to patients with Diabetes, they should not be eaten too much. For patients with Diabetes, the staple foods should not be purified, because it will be digested fast and bad for sugar control. Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital remind patients with Diabetes receive treatment actively so as to avoid the complications. Any help, please email to [email protected] .

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