Mike, Bad or Good for Diabetes Patients

Milk is a common drinking in daily life which is good for the people healthy. Milk contains protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral substance, supplying enough nutrition to the body.

Milk can help to reduce high blood pressure which is an ideal natural food for diabetes patients. Protein in milk is casein, lactoalbumin and lactoglobulin etc and milk have the eight essential amino-acid for the body. The amino-acid can be absorbed well. The protein in milk is high-quality protein. Milk sugar is one of the sugars easily absorbed. Milk is rich in calcium 1 mg in 1L milk. Milk is also rich in orotic acid which can prevent cholesterol building up in the arterial vascular walls and restrain the activity of cholesterol synthase to reduce cholesterol.

Experts remind that low-fat milk is suitable for diabetes adults. Children with type 1 diabetes had better to drink whole milk. Obesity patients with type 2 diabetes should choose nonfat dried milk.

Diabetes people should choose pure milk or fortified milk. Diabetes had better to drink milk without sugar. If not, blood sugar will rapidly increase, aggravating kidney disease.

Milk is a common drinking in daily life. For diabetics, they need to choose the proper production according to the illness condition.

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