Diet Principle of Diabetes

1. Make a plan of diet with your dietician. A diet for diabetes should be made out according to diet habits, preference, work environment, work besides age, sex, height, weight, obesity, activity, complications and pregnancy.

2. Keep the standard body weight. It is very important to keep the standard body weight. The total energy should be made depending on the need of the body. Before making a diet plan, people calculate the standard body weight.

3. Ascertain the total heat. Firstly you can ascertain a general total heat and then adjust the total heat according to the weight, health condition and environment

4. Properly replenish the nutrient. Diabetes people except for these who have severe complications need to replenish the same nutrient as the healthy people.

The difference of diet between diabetes and healthy people.

It is necessary for diabetes people for them to eat the following food every day.

1. Grain products and soybean products.

2. Mineral salt and vitamin.

3. vegetables and fruits

4. fat and protein

The food mentioned above should be eta every day in order to keep the balance of nutrition.

Avoid eat too much salt which should be under 5 g per day.

Diabetes patients should have a regular diet and avoid sugar and sweet food.

In order to have an effect a diet therapy, the following is some tips for you.

1. Keep a healthy lifestyle

2. Eat light diet and food

3. Remember the amount of total heat

4. Avoid too much alcohol.

5. Eat some fresh vegetables and fruit.

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