How Does Rice Affect Diabetes

The protein in rice is protamine which is easily absorbed by the body. Rice has a great effect on providing enough nutrition and it is the basic food to replenish nutrients. Vitamin B is mainly provided by rice. In traditional Chinese medicine, rice has the medical value.

How does rice affect diabetes?

Rice is staple food in daily life and high-quality protein in rice keeps the protein soft to achieve the goal of reducing the high blood pressure. Rice and soybean is high-nutrition which is good for diabetes. Rice stimulates to produce more gastric juice which is helpful to a digestion. In addition, dietary fiber in rice removes the bravery fluid from the intestines to prevent arterioscelerosis and other disease.

Rice porridge is much easily absorbed by the body but starch can turn into dextrin during making rice porridge and dextrin can elevate the blood sugar. Diabetes patient do not have rice porridge with limosis. Don’t put salt into rice porridge. Rice is the major source of vitamin but salt can damage vitamin B in rice lead to a lack of vitamin B.

Rice as the staple food is necessary for most people. If you have any other question about diabetic diet or treatment, you can consult our experts online. They will give you some suggestions on your concerns. We are glad to help you!

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