B-Ultrasonic Room

B-Ultrasonic Room is a department with advanced equipment, complete function and strong technical force. There are four chief physicians, two deputy chief physicians, five doctors who have had further study in Beijing and Shanghai.

The equipment and instrument in this department are all imported with the full function and high definition. This department attaches importance to research on scientific theory and the academic atmosphere is strong. The working staffs in this department have published more than 20 theses in professional periodicals in Hebei Province and China.

Black and white ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is equipped with "basic ultrasonic diagnostic system". Through simple basic operations, it can get more advanced skills. Besides, it is characterized by clear image, high resolution, flexible operation, so it improves the diagnostic effect of B-ultrasound. It can be applied to abdominal ultrasound examination: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, adrenal gland, ureter, bladder, prostate and so on. If you are diabetic, your doctor may use the B Ultrasound to examine your retina for retinal detachment. If you have a vitreous hemorrhage, your doctor will be unable to examine the retina visually, so he or she must rely on the B-scan to detect any abnormalities.

With the help of the exact and accurate diagnosis, the doctors can get a more clear understanding about the patients’ condition and then make further steps.

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