Clinical Laboratory

At present, we have 16 professional technicists who can carry out the various clinical examinations of Kidney Disease. This laboratory has advanced equipment such as America Beckmann CX-9 Full Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, Japan Sysmex Full Automatic Blood Analyzer, Beckmann Coagulo Meter, Ultramicroscope, BN Prospec and Cataphoresis Apparatus .

In addition, our hospital has carried out 9 renal fibrosis inspection items which in a lead place in China, 7 renal fibrosis inspection items have placed in clinical routine examination of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease. The content inspection research of ‘Matrix Metalloproteinase’ can reveal the degree of renal fibrosis, inspection item of ‘cellular activity factor’ can reflect the damaged degree and recovery condition of renal inherent cells, which in the lead place in China. These items supply a lot of scientific data for clinical diagnosis and Chinese Medicine treatment, which get praise from other hospitals.

Since conducted renal fibrosis, this theory is highly appreciated by many insiders and patients, especially for the specific diagnostic system first launch kidney inspection standard, it added 9 new items for Kidney Disease inspection, which promotes Kidney Disease diagnosis develops into the research of cellular injury.

Clinical Laboratory of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital not only supplies medical laboratory testing for patients and clinical department, but also supplies the consultation service for medical laboratory. The staffs in this department insist on satisfy the patients’ need and supply the accurate test results.

Therefore, more and more foreign patients go to our hospital for a better treatment.

Do you have any question? You can leave a message.A detailed analysis of your condition by our experts can greatly guide your treatment and daily care.

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