Dialysis Department

There is 1 set of water processor, Beijing Landwehr.

Dialysis Zone consists of Normal Dialysis Zone, Infected Dialysis Zone and Emergency Dialysis Room.

Operation Room is used for patient temporary intubatton, arteriovenous internal fistula and dressing change.

Passages: Staffs Passage, Patients Passage and Medical Wastes Passage.

The techniques developed upon blood purification include: Single Plasma Exchange, Double Plasma Exchange, Plasma Adsorption, High Flux Hemodialysis, Blood Perfusion, Hemodialysis, Hemofiltration, Hemodiafiltration, CRRT. Furthermore, Dialysis Room launches numerous blood purification techniques, such as capacity check, temperature check and modeling sodium dialysis.

Hemodialysis Room possesses good nursing staffs, who are technically experienced. The monthly dialysis exceeds 1500. Dialysis Department has succeeded in saving thousands of patients’ lives. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is taking an entirely new step and full passions to proceed with hemodialysis and offer excellent medical services for every patient. And the implementing of dialysis also creates the best environment for the patients who need to have the treatment of Stem Cell Transplant.

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