How Does Diabetes Cause Renal Insufficiency

Diabetes can go silently undetected for a long time without symptoms. Many people first notice they have diabetes when they develop one of diabetic complications such as blindness, nerve disease, kidney problems or others.

No matter what type of diabetes you have, high blood sugar is the typical symptom and diabetes people experience. Diabetes occurs when either the body produces a little or no insulin, or your body does not use insulin, called insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone which is capable to carry the glucose to the cells where the glucose is restored for energy. Hence, lack of insulin leads to a buildup of glucose in blood stream

Prolonged high blood pressure can force the kidneys to filter excessive amounts of blood, which damages the kidneys and cause them to leak. If not caught early, the kidneys will continue to break down and lose their ability to filter, and protein will escape into the urine, while wasts products will back-up in the blood. This eventually leads to kidney failure.

Fortunately, you can measure to prevent high blood sugar damaging kidneys by good control of diabetes. The experts on diabetes suggest diabetes patients follow a healthy diet, proper exercise,and good lifestyle except for the insulin injection.

Regular monitor the high blood pressure. It can see how well you blood pressure is. Blood pressure is another cause of renal insufficiency.

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