AreThere Some People More Likely to Get Diabetes of Kidney Disease

There are five types of people who are more likely to get Diabetes of Kidney Disease.

1. Someone who have had Nephritis or other kinds of kidney disease.

2. Someone who has poor insulin secreting function.

3. Some patients with Diabetes accompanied by Hypertension, who show other complications, such as Diabetic Retinopathy, heart cerebrovascular disease and so on, will have Diabetes of Kidney Disease easily.

4. Some patients with a long history of Diabetes. Generally speaking, patients of Diabetes who has a history of more than five years, should have examination of renal function regularly.

5. Some patients whose blood glucose are not well controlled. If blood glucose cannot be controlled well for a long time, patients will have complications of Diabetes easily.

6. In spite of the above patients with Diabetes, other patients with Diabetes whose renal function is normal, and have no clinical symptoms, should have an examination of Microalbuminuria Assay, urinalysis, and renal function once a year at least. If edema of eyelid or lower limbs show up, you should go to a hospital to have a detailed examination timely.

For those healthy people, they should have routine examinations regularly. Find the early symptoms as early as possible, so that the disease can be prevented to develop onto serious condition.

But if you have the risk factors that can not be controlled by yourself, you must pay attention to those that you can control, try your best to make you away from Diabetes of Kidney Disease.

Since you have known whether you are the people who is more likely to get Diabetes of Kidney Disease or not, you should pay more attention to your health, but the most improtant thing is finding an effective treatment. if you still have some related problems about Diabetes or Diabetes of Kidney Disease, you can consult our experts online or email me my [email protected]

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