What are Aggravating Factors of People with Diabetic Nephropathy (Diabetic Kidney Disease)

① High protein diet. It will increase the burden of your kidneys and cause more proteinuria. To forbid this vicious circle, you should limit your intake of protein within 40g per day.

② High blood sugar. Increased level of blood sugar is the main cause of kidney diseases. Continuously presence of high blood sugar will lead to high perfusion and high filtration of the glomerulus. As a result, damages of the glomerular mesentery, basement membrane and capillary endothelium appear which will lead to further damages to glomerulus and renal tubule. Finally, glomerular arteriosclerosis occurs and nephrons are destroyed. Renal dysfunction may occur.

③ High blood pressure. High blood pressure may cause increased blood vessel resistance, decreased bloodstream and internal pressure of the kidney, which may lead to proteinuria, glomerulosclerosis and renal failure.

④ High blood fat. Among people with Diabetes, blood fat dysfunction is very common which may accelerate glomerulosclerosis. Thus development of Diabetic Nephropathy is accelerated.

⑤ Increased blood viscosity and microcirculatory disturbance. Capillary lesions and microcirculatory disturbance can usually cause blood coagulation which leads to thrombus finally. When ischemia and anoxia of nephrons occur, proteinuria will increase with decreased renal function.

⑥ Infection. Virus and bacterial infection like cold, urinary tract infection and pneumonia will aggravate renal damages.

⑦ Medication. Patients of kidney diseases should take medication cautiously with doctor’s advice.

⑧ Others. Diabetic Nephropathy has relationship with age, course of disease, genetic factor, environmental factor, smoking, etc.

In order to avoid further aggravation of your condition, you had better pay attention to factors above and accept timely treatment.

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