Does Well Controlled Diabetes Still Cause Nephropathy

However, many people think that diabetic nephropathy can not occur as long as they well control blood sugar. But they still suffer from kidney disease at the end. This problem confuses them. In fact, better control of diabetes is favorable to prevent a variety of complications but it is not to say complications will not happen. A person with poor control diabetes may have kidney disease after 2 years of diabetes onset but a person with good control of diabetes may have kidney disease after 20 years of diabetes onset. That is, well controlled diabetes can slow down the damage to kidneys but the damage to kidneys by high blood sugar exists.

On the other hand, besides the high blood sugar, there are a lot of factors which can affect the progress of kidney disease like high blood pressure.

High blood pressure in diabetes people can make the heart harder and, over time, can damage blood vessels throughout the body. The kidney disease occurs when tinny blood vessels in kidneys are damaged. The extra fluid in the blood vessels may raise blood pressure even more. It is a dangerous cycle. Hence, high blood pressure is a factor, affecting kidney disease progress.

Diabetic nephropathy is a disease which occurs in diabetes. The early sign is protein in the urine. Once your urine is foamy, you need to see a doctor to have a diagnosis. The presence of protein in the urine may be a sign of serious disease. People with diabetic nephropathy may experience some symptoms including edema, proteinuria, anemia, itching skin, loss of appetite, urine change, etc.

After being diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease, you need to change your diet and lifestyle. Diet change is one part of kidney disease treatment. You need to eat less salt because your kidneys can not filter them. Low fat, low protein, and low potassium diet is necessary. You had better to give up smoking and alcohol both which are unfavorable to your condition recovery.

In summary, although your diabetes is well controlled, kidney disease still slowly progresses.

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