Do You Know the Five Stages of Diabetic Nephropathy

Stage one:

The characteristic is increasing GFR(glomeruler filtration rate) and kidney volume, which the newly-diagnosed patients already have. At the same time, the volume of blood in kidney and the glomerular capillary perfusion pressure rise as well.

Stage two:

In the second stage, the urine albumin excretion(UAE) rate is normal(below 30mg/24h), which rises after exercise and then goes back to normal over time. The glomeruli has already changed, GBM has thickened and ground substances in mesangial area increase in this period of time.

Stage three:

In this stage, the blood pressure elevates slightly, but the urine albumin excretion can be reduced by lowering the blood pressure. The GBM has thickened and the ground substances in mesangial area have increased more clearly, focal and diffuse pathological changes and hyaline change in arteriole have already occurred, and a few glomeruli has been deserted.

Stage four:

In the fourth stage, mass proteinuria is the characteristic, 24-h urine albumin excretion is more than 0.5 gram, with some severe cases surpassing 2 grams. With the loss of a lot of protein, hypoproteinemia and edema may present. The patients’ blood pressure rises. The GBM has thickened clearly, the ground substance in mesangial area has widened, and there are more deserted glomeruli.

Stage five:

In this stage, the pathological change in kidney continues and aggravates further, kidney filtration function lowers progressively, which results in azotemia and kidney failure. Ultimately, the patients’ GFR would be below 10ml/min, serum creatinine and BUN increase as well. At the same time, patients would develop high blood pressure, hypoalbuminemia, edema, reduces appetite, nausea, vomit, diabetic neuropathy and dilated cardiomyopathy.

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