5 Stages of Diabetic Nephropathy (Diabetes Kidney Disease)

StageⅠ: in clinic, the first stage are usually characterized by high filtrating rate of glomerulus and increasing size of kidney. This initial disorder is in conformity with the level of hyperglycemia, but can be reversed. It can be recovered by insulin treatment, but may not be cured completely.

  StageⅡ: Urinary albumin excretion is normal. But glomerular structure has been changed during this stage. UAE will improve after doing exercise but it recovers after rest. Glomerular structure has been changed and Glomerular Basement Membrane (GBM) becomes thick and Mesangial Matrix (MM) increases.

  StageⅢ: This stage is also called Early Diabetic Nephropathy. UAE is 20–200μg/ minduring this stage. Patients' blood pressure will increase lightly and glomerulus begins to be ruined.

  StageⅣ: Clinical Diabetic Nephropathy or Overt Diabetic Nephropathy. Massive Albuminuria, Edema and High Blood Pressure can be found in this stage, especially Edema.

  StageⅤ: Renal Failure-end-stage kidney disease. Once Diabetics suffer from continued albuminuria, glomerular capillary will be narrow and more glomerulus ruined because GBM thicken a lot. Renal filtrating function will reduce and finally cause a Renal Failure and require dialysis or kidney transplantation.

People with Diabetes need to know that Diabetic Nephropathy (Diabetes Kidney Disease)may develop to end-stage kidney disease. Hence if one get Diabetic Nephropathy, it is better to receive treatment early and take care in daily life. Then serious conditions could be avoided.

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