What are Effective Detection Methods of Diabetic Nephropathy

1. Measurement of urine protein. If symptoms like continuous positive urine protein, urine protein ration exceeding 0.5g for 24 hours, and excretion rate of albumin in urine exceeding 300mg/d appear in the conventional urine protein test, you can be diagnose with clinical proteinuria period of Diabetic Nephropathy through eliminating possibility of else kidney diseases,.

2. Renal biopsy is meaningful in the early diagnosis. If you have proteinuria, you can not be diagnosed with Diabetic Nephropathy definitely due to else kidney diseases can also cause proteinuria. Needling biopsy of kidney contributes to both differential and definite diagnosis.

3. Glomerular filtration rate is helpful to staging of Diabetic Nephropathy, which can be calculated through endogenous creatinine clearance rate. Serum creatinine and test of blood urine nitrogen density can reflect renal function.

4. Both Isotope test of renal plasma flow and glomerular filtration rate can reflect the glomerular hyperfiltration state in early stage, which can also be regarded as a referenced criteria of diagnosis.

As a severe complication of Diabetes, we should pay enough attention to Diabetic Nephropathy. Early detection and treatment can not only delay further deterioration to the kidney but also prevent occurrence of Diabetic Nephropathy as far as possible. If the test methods above can help you to some degree, we will be very glad. More questions about Diabetic Nephropathy, please consult our experts online who are ready to assist you.

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